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Our RTO Consultant Sydney team shares over 23 years experience

Our experience as Sydney RTO consultants

Our RTO consultant Sydney team helps businesses with advice. We’ve been living and breathing RTO consulting services for over 23 years. It’s with this experience that our RTO consultant team provide expert advice and other purposeful activities in this area.

Whether you’re operating an RTO start-up, working your way through an RTO audit, adding to your scope, or moving to a new student management system (SMS)… we’ve been there, and we can help.

How we set our Sydney RTO consultancy services apart

Our RTO consultant Sydney team aren’t the type to just say “do this” and “do that”. Our RTO consulting services are built upon telling you why and how. We don’t want you to be reliant on consulting services every time you get lost, we want you to be an expert on your business, helping you succeed in the long run.

While we place great stock on coaching and mentoring you through any issue in your RTO, it’s sometimes far more efficient and streamlined to give you the answer straight away. For example, we might provide you with a pre-written policy/procedure or template. Or maybe we’ll give you timely advice regarding ASQA and audits.

An RTO Consultant Sydney team

An RTO Consultant where and when you want us

Our Sydney RTO consultants are where you want us, whenever you want us. Any Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy session can be held online, and recorded. 

  • Permanent, 24/7 access to anything we share with you.
  • Ad Hoc processes can be shared at any time with re-watchable videos.

For the first time, we can take the reigns and show you how it’s done. We’ll record every step of the process, and you can watch it back whenever you want, at your own pace. For example, we could set up a quiz in your Learning Management System, and record a Loom, then you can refer to it whenever you need to do it again.

Our Sydney RTO consultants are proud of what we produce. Once you’ve got it, that’s all yours. You can use it for yourself, or even for onboarding, or training new staff.

Consulting for Sydney RTOs is Our Business.

Think we can help you?

Choosing us as your RTO consultant Sydney team, providing consulting is more than just giving you the answer and sending a bill.
We want you to know what is happening in your business. While you personally may not need to know how each individual process is completed, you need to be able to point people in the right direction. This consultant service is about setting you up for continued, ongoing, growth and success. We have your back and we want your RTO to thrive!

Reach out to an RTO consultant

If you think we can help your Sydney RTO succeed, or you have more questions about how our RTO consultancy services can help you, feel free to reach out and contact us online, or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

We’re always up for a chat, and we can’t wait to hear from you soon.

RTO Coach
Do you have a few things that need to get sorted in your RTO?
Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help.

No. We will provide a proposal that outlines the work that we will undertake as well as the fees associated with that. If at any time you decide you no longer require our services, just let us know.

No, there is no need to engage anyone when setting up or running an RTO. However, engaging a good coach, mentor and consultant will allow you to focus on running your RTO. They will be on hand if you need assistance. Talk to us about how we can help you and your RTO to grow to become a successful and sustainable business.

Yes, ASQA allows consultants to participate in audits. RTO Coach consultants always sit in ASQA audits.

ASQA will generally finalise applications for initial registration within six months of accepting a properly completed and fully compliant application. ‘Finalise’ means that ASQA has made a decision and advised the applicant (not that any review process has been completed).

ASQA does not accept payment in instalments. You are required to pay any annual registration charges or any other charges in full by the date specified in the payment terms.

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