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RTO start up consultants

Starting any business is a big decision. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that starting an RTO can also be challenging. In addition to the regular business considerations such as finance, sales, marketing, and staffing, RTO start ups also need to consider things like compliance, funding (both State and Federal) and changes to training packages.

But the truth is that running an RTO is within your ability. It’s no more complex than running a cafe, a law firm or a construction company. Every industry has its standard business items, and every industry also has requirements specific to them. We’re here to help you master those requirements.

RTO Compliance & Management

The RTO industry is like all others, at least when it comes to requirements, legislation and regulations: they are constantly changing. There are also a great deal of forms that must be submitted here, there and everywhere.

If you’re new to the game, you need someone who already knows the landscape. If you’re returning to the game, you need someone who can update you on what has changed. That’s where we come in.

RTO Professional Development

The biggest trouble we see with those looking to start an RTO is mindset and industry knowledge.

Firstly, many RTO owners want their RTO Start Up to be a churn and burn facility, wherein a student throws down a lot of cash, the RTO prints a certificate, the student gives them a good review, and they’re off to the next student. Their mindset is to just push students through, regardless of actual knowledge and demonstrated competence.

So, what’s the issue? You profit, and your student gets their all-important piece of paper: everyone’s a winner. The trouble is, your job as an RTO isn’t handing out pieces of paper – your job is to ensure that the student is able to competently demonstrate the skills and knowledge listed on that piece of paper. You’re an educator, not a printer. And the RTO that lasts and grows is the one that establishes a reputation for service, not self-service.

Mindset is very important. What is the why behind your business? Are you passionate about what you do? Do you aim to create better students? Would you employ someone who was educated by your RTO? Would you trust someone who was educated by your RTO?

Finding the right answers to these questions is part of our work as your RTO business development coach.

Internal RTO Audit

Once you’ve got the mindset, the next step is industry knowledge and proper processes within your organisation. This is where a solid coach, mentor or consultant can help with an effective internal RTO audit of your strategies, systems, weaknesses and strengths. Our signature Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy Program includes this powerful benefit for all our clients.

If you’re already a seasoned RTO, we’ll help you improve upon what you already know how to do well until you do it better than anyone else.

Strategic Planning from a Dedicated Consultant

You also want to partner with someone who can steer you in the right direction in regards to systems for your RTO Start Up. Which is the most suitable Learning Management System (LMS)? Which Student Management System (SMS) is most cost-effective? How do you keep your policies and procedures usable and relevant for your RTO?

Starting an RTO can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge you are up to if you have the right mindset and industry knowledge combined with an effective strategic plan.

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No. We will provide a proposal that outlines the work that we will undertake as well as the fees associated with that. If at any time you decide you no longer require our services, just let us know.

No, there is no need to engage anyone when setting up or running an RTO. However, engaging a good coach, mentor and consultant will allow you to focus on running your RTO. They will be on hand if you need assistance. Talk to us about how we can help you and your RTO to grow to become a successful and sustainable business.

Yes, ASQA allows consultants to participate in audits. RTO Coach consultants always sit in ASQA audits.

ASQA will generally finalise applications for initial registration within six months of accepting a properly completed and fully compliant application. ‘Finalise’ means that ASQA has made a decision and advised the applicant (not that any review process has been completed).

ASQA does not accept payment in instalments. You are required to pay any annual registration charges or any other charges in full by the date specified in the payment terms.

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