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A major element of our Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy program is our one on one business consulting and support. That may be with yourself as the RTO owner, or it may include your staff members. You and your business are unique, and the fastest way for us to get to know you and address your unique needs is through one on one private business coaching.

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Advantages of One on One Business Consulting

The advantage of one on one coaching, mentoring and consultancy is the opportunity to dig deep. It gives us time to get to the heart of the issues you face and come up with solutions that work for you. The more transparent you can be with us, the better the results will be. Sometimes the problem we end up solving is different from the one you think you have at the outset.

If you have staff, it is incredibly beneficial for us to have one on one sessions with them as required. It should be no surprise that your staff may have a different perspective on what’s happening in your RTO, even possibly disagreeing with you on some issues. Where you may be zoomed out, seeing the big picture and strategy, they are zoomed in, seeing the issues that happen on a daily basis. Their insight can be invaluable. Even in organisations with an ‘open door’ culture, your staff are far more likely to open up to us than to you as the owner or leader. Why? The fact that we can’t fire them may be involved.

Invest in Your Staff, Invest in Your Future

Great staff care about doing a great job. It instils great confidence in your staff when they know that you also care about their growth in their career. One on one coaching and mentoring should not just be reserved for owners and management.

You will likely already have a good idea of who else in your RTO would benefit from private coaching. We’ll help you to identify who they are in your initial discovery call or in our early sessions.

All one on one business consulting sessions are held on Zoom, unless we’re able to meet in person. Each session is recorded and then uploaded into your private channel for review as needed.

This also allows us to share screens— perfect for teaching you or your staff new processes.

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