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For my background, coaching and training is part of what I do and I really believe in. And some of the problems we're facing with our organisation was just really understanding the requirements of an RTO and how it all worked. RTO coach were great in supporting my staff, giving them the skills or the belief that they could gain the skills to be able to do the job. I think it's given us incredible belief within our team. It's really helped us understand the RTO system and given us incredible confidence.  Maciek, I would recommend to anyone- RTO level, business level, whatever, he's all over it and an incredibly passionate person, driven, and the most honest man that I've ever met. Known him since 2008, when we started our adventure together. It's now 2021 and if you don't know Maciek, I don't know where you are.
Bernie | Top Rider
The CMC program has provided us with a foundation to be able to successfully run our business, what we need to do when we need to do it. And we're ensuring that throughout the whole time we're maintaining compliance and successful business based on the experience with  Maciek and the CMC program, we would quite happily recommend him to anyone else within the industry. From day one has been a Godsend and we've been able to successfully run our business.
Jake | On the Job Training
We wanted to be compliant and we wanted to make sure that we were doing the correct thing by the RTO so by having Maciek assisting us, we were learning at the same time from him, and we just make sure that everything is in order, just in case we have to have an audit. It's a lot of compliance to follow a lot of standards that are sometimes it changed and you have to keep it up to date. Being coached by Maciek, I'm learning all the time, and that's one of the most rewarded by being coached. The CMC program helps the RTO in the sense of keeping up to date and on a weekly basis or fortnightly basis. You get new things and you are on top of everything.
Maria | Gold Coast Dive Certre
Michael Bermejo
Maciek has been invaluable to us. I have been very impressed with Maciek sound knowledge of the vocational training sector. Maciek has been invaluable in assisting us with our CRICOS application, as well as providing assistance with compliance matters and pre-audit preparation. Maciek friendly personality, knowledge and experience makes it a pleasure to work with him.
Michael Bermejo | Minerva College
Julie & Ricardo
The best choice we ever made! Working with Maciek was the best choice we ever made in our new business. We have learnt so much! His exceptional experience in the RTO Industry and his problem-solving skill are outstanding, especially on Audit day! He saved us not only time, but both money, and stress! When dealing with ASQA, he was the best! Confident, supportive, calm. His depth of industry knowledge and private connection helped our business grow significantly. You just can’t argue with his performance because he does his job 150%. He was our Mentor, counsellor and business consultant…. Huge THANK YOU to Maciek! We’ll see you soon.
Julie & Ricardo | Liberty International College
Pi Bgshape
Pi Maciek@2x

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